Our esteemed business partner; BEDIR MAKINA, which has made it a rule to present you the best product in its categories with the most convenient price since 20 years, has always been by your side in establishing your workshops by presenting you the most reliable machinery and accessories of the world and by giving particular importance to the quality and cost elements, that will increase your competitive power.



Manufacturing, importation and exportation of Industrial sewing , embroidery, cloth cutting, industrial ironing, bag closing, leather and shoe machines spare parts and accessories
Our Basic Product Groups: Needle Plate, Gear, Feed Dog , Needle Clamp, Presser Foot, Sewing Needle , Attachment (Folder), Cutting Knife , Rotary Hook , Bobbin Case, Bobbin, Looper , Spot Cleaning Spray , Labelling Machine and Felt, Scissor, Tailor Drawing Chalk and Drawing Pen, Spot Cleaning Guns, Pin and Tagging Gun, Tailors Measure , Steel Chain Glove, Screwdriver , Screw, Cloth Clamp , Tweezers , Shields , Tape Dispenser , Marking Pen etc.